A perfect organized VIP-Shuttle is always fundament for an optimal performance in the practice of events. A detailed timeline as base for a smooth handling is essential – even with a great many of guests, long distances and short term change of arrangements. Professional planning and performance of those events necessitates a high degree of logistic experience on location, flexibility and strategic competence for practicable solutions. Should a guest be delayed or call his attendance off, even if the guest should be picked up earlier than scheduled, it is our business to react as fast as can be – to the benefit of host and guest.

Valet Parking

The perfect location has been discovered for your anniversary celebration, all guests have been invited, catering has been ordered, a band and some prominent speakers have been booked as well.
At an occasion of re-inspection the location-site you must realize, that you have ignored something substantial. Parking ground is too small and even more than 5 walking minutes away.
This is exactly the usual scenario for our special service: Valet-Parking. Your guests drive up, get out and hand over the keys, leaving their vehicles to be safely parked by our trained drivers. When the car is needed again, it will be ready and waiting – because even the most amazing evening comes to an end.

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